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The stories on this page are based on the television series "Forever Knight."
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                                     A Quick FK Primer
                                                Nick is a 800 year old vampire.  At first he revelled in his existance as a vampire
                                                with former master Lucien Lacroix and fellow vampire Janette Ducharme,  but
                                                soon he regretted his decision and wanted to return to mortality.  In order to
                                                regain his lost mortality, he has tried to atone for his sins by helping humans in
                                                various incarnations through the centuries.  In 1992, he is a homicide detective
                                                working the night shift in Toronto with his mortal partner, Donald Schanke.  He is
                                                being helped on his quest mortality by his friend and confidant, Dr Natalie
                                                Lambert - a forensic pathologist.

My Fiction

                                Questions of the Heart
                                             This is my very first attempt at fanfic.  I wrote it about 2 years ago.
                                                It takes place right after 'Be My Valentine,' although some people have placed it
                                                as taking place after 'Last Knight'.  It works either way.

                                Portrait of Lonliness
                                            This is not really a story in the truest sense.  It is a picture I kept getting in my
                                                head when I listened to the song "Knowing Me, Knowing You" by Abba.  I
                                                would just get a flash of Lacroix alone in Nick's loft.  So I just wrote down what
                                                I kept seeing.

                                Light of Love
                                                This story takes place before Nick goes to the Crusades.  It is a follow up to the
                                                episode "Queen of Harps."  I have always loved the story of Peter Ablelard and
                                                Heloise.  So I found a way to incorporate their story into the FK universe.

                                After All
                                                I never thought I'd do it, since I'm one of those people who think 'Last Knight'
                                                never happened, but here it is. This is a take on LK from Natalie's point of view.

                                                This story is based on the events in the flashback of "Partners of the Month."  It
                                                is a story about Nick and Janette.
Memories (v.2)
                                                 This will be the format for the stories on my new site - hopefully going live in Dec.
                                                 It includes a graphic and a link (still learnig how to embed) to the song on which
                                                 the story is based.  Let me know how you like it.

                                                This story is in three parts.  It was inspired by the Evanescence CD "Fallen" and
                                                proposes a alternate ending to the series.  I don't necessarily agree with what
                                                happens, but I am working on a sequel.
                                                *This story has been updated by a proofread version.  Thanks Amy!*

                                  Secret Soul
                                                A story about Nick and Nat's first months together based on the song "Secret
                                                Soul" from Jane Eyre the Musical.

                                                Sequel to 'Secret Soul' based on another song from Jane Eyre the Musical.
                                                More Nick in this one.  :)

                                                This is a story focusing on Nick's relationship with Schanke.  It takes place right
                                                before Black Buddha.

                                  The Dimming of the Day
                                                Janette's take on Nick's current life in Toronto.  Inspired by the song of the
                                                same name.

                                  Happy Ending
                                                Since most of my stories (see above) are of the multiple tissue variety, I tried to
                                                write something happy. Here is the result.

                                                My longest fic to date.  Takes place about 60 years after the series.  As per the
                                                request of several readers, I do post a multiple Kleenex warning.  Although,
                                                don't let this deter you.  This is also the debut of a character of mine whom I
                                                hope to see more of in the future - Hope Keating.

Other Stories

                                    October by April French
                              Great Nick and Lacroix story about what might have happened in the time
                                                   between Dark Knight 2 &  Killer Instinct.  It fits perfectly in tone and content
                                                   to the song it was inspired by - "October" by Evanescence.  (And she said she
                                                   never heard the song!)

Other Goodies

                                            Check out the original
                                                    "All I Need To Know I Learned for FORKNI-L"

                                  Links to other FK sites

                                Knight Vision
                                    Quite possibly the best and most complete collection of
                                                    FK graphics and videos on the web.  Also up to date
                                                     with news and other info.

                                FK Fanfic
                                    Yes, it hasn't been updated in a very long time, but it has
                                                    a very comprehesive listing of fiction.

                                FK ftp site
                                    The archive of the fkfanfic list.  Stories that are posted on
                                                    the list are usually here not long after.  Good spot if you
                                                    have missed a story part.

                                Forever Knight on tvtome
                                    This is an awesome site for all kinds of tv shows.  This is
                                                    a link to the Forever Knight section.

                                April French's Fiction Site
                                    This is a great site with a lot of wonderful stories.

                                 Jean Graham's Fan Fiction
                                     Lots of great stories.  Personally I love the Darkest Knight
                                                series and Harbinger.

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