This is a little (emphasis on the 'little') fluff piece that I wrote
today at work. (Yes, I do seem to be doing a lot of fic writing at
work.) I figured since most of my stories  are of the multiple
Kleenex kind, I'd try to write a happy one.
If you are into stories keeping with canon, do NOT read this. <g>

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this story, I am just
borrowing them for a little while.

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Happy Ending 01/01
by Amanda Berendt
Copyright Sept 2003

   It was a warm, sunny June afternoon.  Moms and Dads were milling
about in the parking lot of the school, taking pictures of and with
their children.  Myra Schanke snapped a photo of her daughter, Jenny,
before giving her a quick hug and sending her off to join the others.

   "Myra!" came a voice from across the crowd.  Myra turned to locate
the source and saw Natalie fighting her way through the throngs of
   "Natalie," Myra exclaimed as she embraced the other woman.  "I am
so glad you could come to share Jenny's special day.  I know it means
so much to her.  You're practically family."
   Natalie smiled as she took off her wide brimmed straw hat to fan
herself.  "Thanks, Myra."  Then added with a gasp.  "Why is it always
the hottest and sunniest day of the year?"  Myra smiled at the
truthfulness of the comment.  It was definitely a scorcher.
   The two women continued to chat for a while.  Then Myra checked
her watch.  "We can't really wait any longer.  We should be getting
to the seats."  Natalie nodded as she scanned the crowd once more,
then followed Myra through the crowd towards the bleachers
surrounding the athletic field.  Eventually, the reached the stands
and began scanning the rows.
   "Myra! Nat! I'm over here!" came a voice from the stands.  The
women looked up and saw Schanke wildly waving his arms from a prime
spot right in the middle.  "Come on ladies, I got a great view from
   Natalie and Myra climbed the steps until they reached the row
where Schanke had saved their seats.  Excusing themselves, they
climbed over the people already seated.  As they settled into their
seats, Natalie again scanned the crowd.  She began to worry when she
saw the crowd at the gates thinning out as people found their seats.
It would be starting soon.
   Then as she was about to pull out her cellphone, there was a
commotion at the end of the row.  She laughed when she saw him trying
to juggle the baby in one arm and both the diaper bag and the camera
bag in the other.
   "Nick," she said as she relieved him of their eighteen month old
daughter. "What took you so long?  I left you at the car over half
and hour ago."
   "Sorry, Nat," he answered with his little boy grin. "I couldn't
find the baby wipes."  Then he turned to Schanke and Myra.
"Congratulations.  You know I wouldn't have missed this for
anything."  He pulled the bags off his shoulder and took out his
camera.  He sat down next to his wife and daughter just as 'Pomp and
Circumstance' began to play.  Down on the field, Valedictorian
Jennifer Schanke lead the graduates onto the field.