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Forever Knight is off SciFi!!!!!
Please support Kickstart the Knight and join the campaign to return this wonderful show to TV or video.

This is the cast of the second season of the series Forever Knight.
From left to right:
Natsuko Ohama, Nigel Bennett, Catherine Disher, John Kapelos, Geraint Wyn Davies
Sitting: Deborah Duchene

Forever Knight is the story of  Nick Knight, a 13th century vampire living in modern day Toronto.  In order to atone for centuries of killing, Nick has become a homicide detective in an effort to regain his lost mortality.

Nick's reaction to being partnered with Schanke.
Nick's answering machine message
Nick going a little nutty in "The Fix" (I love this line.)

Cool opening to "Last Knight" (ie: the 'Life is a gift' thing)
Another cool line from "Last Knight"

Nick and Nat discussion LaCroix.
Nick vamps out in front of Nat.
A little glimpse of Nick's feelings toward Nat.

Dance of the Vampires
The new Broadway musical based on the 1968 Roman Polaski film.
It stars Michael Crawford (aka the Phantom)
Clickhere for the song "Confessions of a Vampire"  It reminds me of Nick
Also check out the shows official site for more info.


None of these pictures or sounds are meant to violate any copyright laws.
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These are a couple of stories I have written from the Forever Knight universe.
Both have been published to the FKfanfic list and are therefore on the fkfanfic2 website.
If you do read them, please give me some  feedback.  I am new at sharing my stories so be kind.

All of my stories have been relocated to my other site
Find them here
The Foundation's Fiction Page

Kickstart the Knight
Unfortunately, this wonderful show was canceled by TPTB in 1996.  (sniff, sniff)
AND now The Sci-Fi Channel has removed it from their schedule.
Fans of the show have been rallying to have the show revived in the form of television movies or a continuation of the series. Sign the online petition and find out how you can help.
Also, you can read the Virtual Fourth Season and other fanfic at the Official FK Fanfic Site.

Please take the time to visit the KtK Website.
Help to bring this show back in the form of television movies or a continuing series.



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Last updated February 1, 2003